Our Client’s Products

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Our Client’s Products

You may well have met with one of us and want to find more information about the products we discussed. Here you will find a little more information on our clients products. If we can be of any more assistance, or you simply want a brochure or sample sent to you, or even a demonstration, then of course we would be happy to assist too.


The World’s Most Advanced Professional Development System. IRIS Connectâ„¢ consists of a web application and portable camera system that revolutionises the process of lesson observation and the sharing of best practice.

The unique software gives teachers the ability to work with peers and mentors to create time-linked commentary over lesson recordings, gather observational data and engage in professional dialogue within a secure online community.


Mainline is an innovative, track based, power distribution solution, which enables truly flexible access to power. Mainline provides you with the ability to safely and easily add, remove or reposition power points where and when required. Power boards and double adaptors will be a thing of the past.